Smiling at the new Mindy Gledhill


Adorable indie folk singers are thick on the ground. You could be forgiven for seeing the scalloped collar and catseye glasses in that pic and consigning Gledhill to the ukulele legion. But she’s got a lot going for her and I hope this album helps her break out of the pack.

First and foremost there’s the production. It sounds slick and bright, but remains honest–Gledhill and company know when to break out the mellotron and triangle and when to keep it simple. It’s a sound reminiscent of the La’s, Feist, or Sixpence None the Richer. And then there’s Gledhill’s lyrics. She and these songs are constantly, almost relentlessly optimistic: witness “I draw doodles of eccentric faces in the margin spaces of important papers / Then I hand them in with a comedic grin” in the title track or the following passage from the impossibly catchy “Trouble No More.”

Well you won’t believe what I’m gonna be when it’s time for me to run
I’m gonna leave this nest and give my best to the place where I grew up

If you’re looking for some fun, gentle, folky pop then check out the self-released Pocketful of Poetry. The world needs more music like Mindy Gledhill’s.


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