Review: Black Sweater Massacre

The Reigning Monarchs

The Reigning Monarchs

There’s a new album out that should be getting more love. The Regining Monarchs play 60s-style instrumental rock at its most fun and confident on their debut album Black Sweater Massacre. The dominant sound is frenetic surf guitar à la Dick Dale, but strains of ska, exotica, and rockabilly make their way in as well. “Tanya Donnelly” sounds like the alt-rock goddess herself jamming with an invigorated Herb Alpert; the ska-flecked single “Murder Your Summer” deserves to be the titular song of a grindhouse movie; and the slow-burning “Steakhouse” is a slow-burning dreampop noir tune that makes great use of tension and unexpected turns. The band’s pedigree is interesting. One guitarist, Greg Behrendt, is a successful stand-up comedian; the other, Michael Eisenstein, was in archetypal 90s rock band Letters to Cleo. The L.A. band funded the album through Indie Go Go and hasn’t been together that long; you’d never know it to listen. Very solid stuff and I think I’ll be turning to it a lot in the coming months. Listen to the whole album for free here.


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