Dance jazz

It’s not what you think.

I’ve never heard anything quite like Dysnomia, the new album from Dawn of Midi. The band’s structured as a class jazz trio: piano, stand-up bass, and trap kit. But the sound . . . it’s like trance, a minimalist acoustic take on contemporary electronic dance club music. That sounds like it’d be boring as shit but it ABSOLUTELY isn’t; there are constant subtle shifts in the rhythms, little additions and subtractions to the sound in the best tradition of Steve Reich. On one level I wonder “Exactly what combinations of drugs is this music FOR?”, but that sounds like an insult that I don’t want to convey. It’s mesmerizing stuff and I’m looking forward to hearing more of it.


One thought on “Dance jazz

  1. Suri Weinmunson says:

    Ambient. Really. GOOD ambient. Joe may not want to believe me because of all the crappy, boring ambient music he’s heard; this is the good stuff.

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