Ooo, in-home streaming

As electronics change and evolve I’ve found myself without a proper stereo. I divested myself of vinyl years ago (too heavy and fragile) and play fewer and fewer CDs; most of my music collection is digital now. So I’ve used various solutions to play music through my nice TV, mostly YouTube, tediously copying playlists to the Playstation 3, or playing Spotify from my tablet using an HDMI output. But a friend just discovered that the most recent version of MediaMonkey allows UPNP streaming right out the box. I’ve used the software for years and didn’t know! Got this new version and it just WORKS right out of the box. Hey presto, easy streaming of my ginormous music library anytime I want. 🙂 In celebration, here’s the completely random first pick–groovy Turkish pop from the nineties!


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