Dedication: Frank J. Perricone

A programming guru, roleplayer, game writer, great friend, and in many ways the smartest person I know. I found Frank through a flyer in Hunger Mountain Co-op–he and his group were looking for new players–and we’ve been friends for almost 15 years now. To Frank I dedicate one of my all-time favorite prog songs, “La Villa Strangiato.”

Dedication: Gordon Dritschilo

Today’s dedication is for Gordon, a stand-up guy and one of the funnest GMs I’ve ever played with. I’ve known Gordon from the local gaming scene for almost fifteen years now and I always look forward to seeing him. So Gordon, here’s a song from one of my favorite new bands, Savages.

Dedication: Jennifer Earnest-King

Ezzie is a beacon of fabulosity. I’ve known her since an eventful adolescence at Louisiana School and long admired her loyalty, honesty, and good sense. (She is also, like, Hottie McHot of the Clan McHot.) She’s a fellow fan of Amanda Fucking Palmer, so for you Ezzie I have one of her side project, Evelyn Evelyn.

Dedication: Sean Clifford

My buddy Sean is back in the hospital and I think he could use some cheering up. I’ve had so many great times with Sean over the years–the albino necromancer’s guild, Doom LAN parties, rolling the plastic squirrel down the driveway, etc. He’s a good friend and I wish him a speedy recovery. So here’s some thoughtful silliness from Garfunkel and Oates.

Dedication: Joe Reil

I am fated to always be friends with at least one other Joe, just to make conversations with friends more difficult and confusing. Joe R. consistently promotes hobby boardgaming around central Vermont and I’ve had many great nights slaughtering zombies or placing workers in his basement. It seems appropriate to choose a guitar song to dedicate to Joe, so here’s some Sonny Landreth.

Dedication: Hank Cannon

A bear of a man in every sense. I’ve known Hank since he was a lithe young dance instructor/college freshman. His physical form is more substantial now but I know he’s still a club kid at heart. 😉 He’s a mighty prolific writer too, to the extent that I kind of envy him for it. This one’s for you, Hank.

Music dedication: Norm

Before the Internet it would have seemed super-weird to have a friend whose real name I don’t know. Norm (AKA Cat A. Strophea) is a video artist, psychotronic maven, and all ’round cool kitten. She also knows more about weird, bad movies than I ever will. That is NOT a compliment I give out lightly but it’s true: she puts me to shame. For her enjoyment I present the Horrorpops, a super-fun Scandinavian psychobilly band.