Dedication: Ericka Reil

Ericka’s been through enough to kill or institutionalize a lesser person three times over. She’s not just survived, she’s a fighter and activist for disability rights and a good friend. For Ericka, here’s one of my favorite Dresden Dolls songs.


Dedication: Claudette Davis

This one’s for my mom! I know how lucky I am to have grown up with her guidance and care. She’s the most levelheaded, selfless person you’ll ever meet. For her I have some good old-fashioned rockabilly music from Wanda Jackson.

Dedication: Jenny Raven’s Star

She was my first real girlfriend and she’s a real mensch. South Louisiana represent! Jenny’s been through trials that would have collapsed a lesser person and she’s still living like a boss. And the song itself? There was only one real choice.