The end of punk, the beginning of . . . ?

I’ve stated before that the end of the 70s also brought the end of old school punk and disco, and maybe even the end of what we call “classic rock.” This is also where my music begins: sounds by confused, lost weirdos who felt like aliens in Reagan’s America and Thatcher’s Britain. I’ve been thinking lately about the community of those days, when seeing a certain kind of black clothes marked a perfect stranger as an much-needed ally in small towns around the world. I’ve made a new playlist of new wave, goth, proto-Britpop, hardcore, New Romantic, deathrock, synth, psychobilly and other assorted post-punk sounds that would later fall under the then-unknown “alternative” label. It covers 1979 through 1984; later I’ll think about some more specific eras and sounds to share.


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