Radio episode from the dawn of time (1992)

So first, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’ve been dealing with mild chronic pain issues. Nothing awful but it rarely goes away and I’ve felt like I needed all my concentration to make it through my work day and not go insane. That’s why so few posts lately. While doing some cleaning I came across a couple of old radio playlists from when I was a program director at my college radio station back in the early nineties. I decided to recreate those, not just to stroke my own ego but to preserve a snippet of the early days of alternative rock.

There are casualties in popular music. There have to be; we can’t remember everything that comes out, every week, for decades on end. Some of those songs are boring and go nowhere; there are great bands with a dedicated following who never quite hit the mainstream; there’s the occasional burst of genius, a song or an album that fires on all cylinders, but the marketing isn’t there or the band drifts apart or any number of things. There was a place and time where I really dug every song playing here and it’s cool that modern technology let me find these and remember them. So if you’re so inclined revisit music from EXACTLY 22 years ago: Jul 29, 1992. I’ll post a full track list below the cut.

  1. the Violent Femmes, “American Music”
  2. Barenaked Ladies, “Crazy”
  3. Indigo Girls, “Watershed”
  4. June Tabor & the Oyster Band, “Lullaby of London”
  5. the Heart Throbs, “The Girl Became the Stairs”
  6. the La’s, “Timeless Melody”
  7. Ride, “Cool Your Boots”
  8. Cakekitchen, “Crimson to Gunmetal”
  9. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, “Sheriff Fatman”
  10. Pop Will Eat Itself, “Do Re Mi So Far So Good”
  11. Weatherman, “Virtual Reality”
  12. Jams, “Doctorin’ the Tardis”
  13. the Wonder Stuff, “Welcome To the Cheap Seats
  14. XTC, “Crocodile”
  15. Primus, “Tommy the Cat”
  16. Boom Crash Opera, “Onion Skin”
  17. Squeeze, “Up the Junction”
  18. Graham Parker, “Too Many Knots To Untangle”
  19. Bruce Cockburn, “If I Had a Rocket Launcher”
  20. Chris Connelly, “The Hawk, The Butcher, The Killer of Beauty”
  21. Bel Canto, “Intravenous”
  22. Shelleyann Orphan, “Burst”
  23. Tanita Tikaram, “Good Tradition”
  24. Sarah McLachlan, “Home”
  25. Voice of the Beehive, “Shooting Cupid”
  26. Amy Denio, “Nostrile Mittening”
  27. Clang, “Die Like a Dog”
  28. Laurie Freelove, “Smells Like Truth”
  29. Fishbone, “Sunless Saturday”
  30. Think Tree, “Rattlesnake”
  31. Judybats, “Daylight”
  32. Beautiful South, “My Book”
  33. Celebrity Skin, “Dot Dot”
  34. Gregg Tripp, “Don’t Throw Her Love Away”
  35. Peter Himmelman, “Love of Midnight”
  36. Hill of Beans, “Afghanistan”
  37. Billy Bragg, “Accident Waiting To Happen”
  38. Kingmaker, “Really Scrape the Sky”
  39. Crossfire Choir, “Field of Lilacs
  40. Sonic Youth, “Drunken Butterfly”
  41. Wedding Present, “Don’t Cry No Tears”
  42. My Bloody Valentine, “Glider”
  43. Utah Saints, “Something Good”
  44. the Dickies, “Stuck In a Pagoda With Tricia Toyota”
  45. Metal Flake Mother, “Tongue Long”
  46. All, “Dot”

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