Childhood favorites: the Meters

You know, I think I’d adore the Meters even if they weren’t an ever-present part of my childhood. They made some of the best instrumentals in rock and roll and brought New Orleans regional sounds into the funk and soul mainstream. If you don’t know their work then ask me and I will tell you about their awesomeness ’til I’m blue in the face. This was the very first record I ever bought: the band’s tribute to New Orleans’ Audobon Zoo. “They All Asked For You”!

Childhood favorites: Johnny Horton

This is one of those that’d never happen to me nowadays. I just happened to be young and impressionable when I heard Johnny Horton’s album of historical songs. I know it sounds corny as all get-out, but looking back I think this was one of the events that sparked my interest in history. I soon started putting together plastic models of warships, airplanes, and cool cars.