Oh yeah, Quintron and Miss Pussycat!

quintron and miss pussycat

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

He’s a low-down gritty organist/mad inventor. She’s a whimsical puppeteer. Together, they fight crime! Or at least make some really interesting music. I saw Quintron and Miss Pussycat play at the Monkey House in Winooski over the weekend. Part of it was a weird connection I feel with Quintron: my dad came up playing keyboards in that part of NOLA, even playing one or two of the few clubs that are still around. And while I think he would have been bemused by the duo’s far-out Zappaesque aesthetic, he totally would have dug the hard-rocking blues organ sound pumping out of those revolving speakers. They even have a proper music video you can watch on the Entertainment Weekly website.

Some new guitarists

My wife loves instrumental guitar music (Leo Kottke, California Guitar Trio, King Crimson), so I’m always keeping an ear out for new artists. I’ve found three good ones recently, all with such “normal guy” names that I have a hard time keeping them straight. 🙂

William Tyler has been recording with others for some years now, but his recent solo album Impossible Truth is something special. His technical chops and interest in folk sounds evoke both Chet Atkins and John Fahey. Tyler’s never content to stay in a groove, always exploring new directions, but he’s very listenable.

Steve Gunn is as much producer as guitarist. He’s collaborating and guesting with every willing act in Brooklyn; for my money such exploratory ramblings are one of the best features of modern New York music.

Ryley Walker is my favorite of the bunch. He’s absolutely hit the ground running with his first album, All Kinds of You. Walker reminds me most of Tim Buckley but there’s all sorts of English songwriting heritage coursing through his work. I look forward to much more to come.