We need more Bollywood in our lives

And the Bombay Royale agrees. They’re an Australian act that interprets, recreates, and extends the sounds of ’60s and ’70s Indian musicals. And Bollywood in those days could sound like anything. American and European pop music was hoovered up wholesale and quickly incorporated into the industry’s musical extravaganzas. The result was a delirious stew of traditional theatre music, disco, post-bop jazz, funk, and current pop.


Starting out as a faithful cover band the Bombay Royale quickly moved on to writing and recording their own material. I’m genuinely mystified as to why these cats aren’t one of the world’s biggest bands. This is everything I want from world music–skilled, soulful, theatrical, genuinely diverse, and more fun than a high-stakes art heist at a society shindig. Their new album, The Island of Dr. Electrico, is rock-solid all the way through. There’s no filler here; each song is distinctive while the whole album maintains a fun, exotic feel.


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