Music for a Fairy Fest

I can’t take any credit for this one. An old friend DJ’d an event hosted by Crone’s Hollow, an occult store in Salt Lake City. There was a day-long event culminating in a dance party called the Fairy Rade. I have an unashamed weakness for all things tribalgoth and dark pagan, including this sort of great music. They weren’t able to record directly off the board so I threw together a YouTube playlist of the music played that evening.

d j. d r o w n’s playlist, Fairy Rade 2015

  1. Irfan – Star of the Winds
  2. Dead Can Dance – the Host of Seraphim
  3. Faith and the Muse – Elyria
  4. Miranda Sex Garden – Ardera Sempre
  5. Wendy Rule – Creator Destroyer
  6. Cruxshadows – Sophia
  7. The Mission – Severina
  8. Faith and the Muse – Vervain
  9. Die Form – Cantique 1
  10. Lorena McKennitt – To the fairies, they draw near
  11. Rasputina – Hunters Kiss
  12. Siouxsie – Trust in Me
  13. This Ascension – mysterium
  14. Sting – Desert Rose
  15. Front Line Assembly – Providence
  16. E nomine – Mittenacht
  17. Nosferatu – the Wiccaman
  18. Kate Bush – Running Up that Hill
  19. Lorena McKennitt – mummers dance
  20. Razor Skyline – Queen of heaven
  21. Emilie Autumn – Across the Sky
  22. Trobar de Morte – natural dance
  23. Regan High Priestess – Airetaina
  24. Priscilla Hernandez – I steal the leaves
  25. The Gathering – In power we entrust the love advocated
  26. enya – the celts

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