Review: Pleasure Leftists

Album cover for The Woods of Heaven

Album cover for The Woods of Heaven

All right, post-punk band, jangly guitars, 80s retro sound, dark goth vocals. I KNOW you’ve heard it before, but here’s why you should listen to Pleasure Leftists: they rock HARD. The band comes out of the Rust Belt hardcore scene and their rock and roll shines through in every song. The drumming in particular is some of the strongest, most engaging rhythm I’ve heard all year. I am always, always a sucker for a good janglepop guitar line, and this album has them in abundance–it’s like the Mighty Lemon Drops were asked to help out at a punk show. The singer . . . Haley Morris has a great voice. Not just raw talent, but real control and passion, throwing herself into every song. However, I think that after this VERY solid album (The Woods of Heaven on Deranged Records) she should work on finding her on voice. We’ve heard Siouxsie, Ian Curtis, Wayne Hussey: what can the new century of post-punk sound like?

The Woods of Heaven can be heard on Stereogum’s website. Looks like a brief summer tour is ended, but I hope they make it up to the Northeast sometime soon.


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