Sleazefest 94!

Back when I was a college radio programmer (that an a buck will buy you a cup of coffee) Chapel Hill, North Carolina was one of the most musically exciting communities in the world. One of my favorite rock and roll bands, Southern Culture On the Skids, helped organize a local festival called Sleazefest. It’s been going on and off ever since, but this was the very first one, and they made a documentary about it. There was never a DVD release–this was 1994, kids!–but you could find it on videotape if you were lucky. Apparently it was available online at one point, but that site’s gone dark.

So I’ve rectified that. If you want some great performances from underground American music in the early 90s, check out some of the great psychobilly performances of Sleazefest.

Lots of great music in 2015

And I’ve got a handy-dandy YouTube playlist to help you hear some! As always it tends towards indie pop and alternative rock, but I like to sprinkle in influential songs from hip hop, country, metal, and top 40 pop music. It’s good to know what’s going in in the culture around us after all, even if not all of it’s gonna be quite your cuppa. In any case, let me know if you enjoy it.