That’s My JAM #3: Trudy Pitts

I know it’s cheesy. I know it conjures up the weird liminal 1960s time before the rise of the counterculture. But I grew up listening to my father playing the organ and this kind of soulful jazz was his absolute favorite. I hadn’t heard of Pitts until today and I need to seek out more.

That’s my JAM #1: “It’s a Very Deep Sea’

new segment? new segment!

I don’t know why Paul Weller’s incarnation with Style Council doesn’t get more credit. I think that in my high school years it was just UNTHINKABLE to take pop music seriously. It was OK to sing along with Janet Jackson or Corey Hart, but real music–GOOD music–was directly punk, metal, rap experimental. It wasn’t well dressed people singing catchy tunes, no matter how intelligent or true they might have been. In their honor, enjoy “It’s A Very Deep Sea.”

BEST Music of 2016!

As always this list is entirely personal. There’s a little more hip hop than most years; it’s rare that I connect with much of contemporary country; and most teen pop continues to slide right out of my memory as soon as I hear it. So most of this is various kinds of indie rock, jazz, and other fringe music, as usual. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂