I’m a genial goddamned intellectual living in central Vermont. I spent my formative years in rural Louisiana before attending college for way too long. The problems with depression and anxiety that led to such a dubious academic career have mostly been overcome, thank you very much. I’m married to Suri, a kind and bright woman who has stuck with me through the worst. I love the media saturation of modern life while hating the bland, commercial art it usually produces. For those of you who knew me during some rough times in 1996-97, things are much better now.


One thought on “About

  1. scott says:

    Hey- This is Scott Kerner, co-owner of Three Penny Taproom. I just noticed your comment on our blogsite, and I wanted to reach out. Unfortunately ( or, fortunately), our menu will be constantly changing, just like our draught list. This is because we are constantly finding the freshest and newest product out there ( this includes both food and beer). So, we will try to formulate some sort of menu posting on the website, but for now, you can sign up for our e-mail list by sending a mail to lists@threepennytaproom.com. This weekly e-mail I write to explain what is new for the week, which seems to be working quite well. We also have a facebook page, which is under Threepenny Taproom, that has spontaneous updates when we find out something rreally cool is happening.
    I hope this answers your question, and as for what is on our menu today (sep.2):
    Pressed Rabbit (think terrine)
    Potted Rabbit
    Lardo ( from the now defunct The John Dory Resto in NYC)
    Heirloom tomato, herbs on wheat toast.
    Hot sopressata salami
    Willoughby washed rind holstein cheese from Ploughgate Creamery
    Arbequina Olives

    as well, Brett is gooking off some duck today stuffed with dried ginger for our Allagash tasting tommorrow night.

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