A Terpsichorean diversion

So You Think You Can Dance ended up its 8th season last week. I’ve loved the show for years, and really feel that it shows how television can do good in the world and broaden our horizons. There were a lot of great numbers this season–there always are–but my favorite this year came from Sasha dancing with previous contender Twitch.

I know this is my 80s showing, but Sasha Mallory is hot. SO hot. Thick black mohawk, chocolate skin, and sometimes even clad in a vest and hat combo straight from a Bananarama video.

Sasha Mallory

Right? Right? She dances aggressively, often quirky, but like any successful contestant she’s fantastic at adapting her movement to the style of the choreography. The clip below is hip-hop with a strong tinge of 70s soul. I’ve often wished that hip-hop choreographers should look at the juke joints and R&B clubs of decades past for inspiration, and this piece shows what can happen when those cultural connections get made.