Gainful god-damned employment!

Hey folks, for anyone that doesn’t know, I’m finally working full-time again. I’m doing tech support for GlobalNet, an independent ISP based out of Essex Junction. We still have a lot of dial-up customers over the country, but the cool newer thing that’s going on is wireless broadband access from land-based towers. We’re mostly covering the islands and northwestern Vermont right now, but it’d be a cool service to expand so more Vermonters can download giant unwanted e-mails and watch the YouTubes.


Mom’s gone

So we had a very nice visit with my mom this week. She’s a very low-key guest, always happy to read a book or do a crossword puzzle if no exciting touristy stuff is in the offing. We found a great walking trail in Plainfield, a well-maintained railroad bed from the village’s industrial days. I finally went to the Fairbanks Museum after ten years of living in Vermont. The myriad stuffed birds were not terribly impressive, but they had a nice little exhibit on Vermont inventors and a great collection of poorly-labeled¬†trinkets, weapons, and clothing¬†from around the world. I have an urge to jettison my consonants, steal the museum’s outrigger and South Seas reed armor, and attempt to colonize islands in Lake Champlain.