MORE great music in 2016!

Been out of pocket with some health issues for a while, but I can’t stay away from great music. 🙂


I want my . . . I want my . . .

All right, as usual I’ve been listening to a ton of new music over the past few months. Some folks I know rightly bemoan the lack of 120 Minutes, etc. where you can just tune in and hope to hear some cool new music. Well a curated YouTube list makes that process EVEN BETTER in the 21st century. Don’t like a song? Hit next! More good songs, fewer commercials, everybody’s happy. Enjoy!

Best of 1994

[edited]: So for a long time I used the streaming service Grooveshark to build playlists. I gradually realized that the nature of their engine–scouring the web for streamable music in different places–was prone to DMCA takedown notices, especially since they wouldn’t pay royalties. Fortunately I keep my favorite lists in text form anyway–even if something gets taken down, we can rebuild it. 🙂 Having said that, I’ve been spending the last couple of days deep within the world of 1994. This is mostly the kind of music you would have heard on college radio or seen on 120 Minutes, and it’s interesting to look at this with historical perspective. This is the year that the music that used to mark me as an outsider stormed up the charts, when “alternative” became a recognized radio format and ironically became mainstream. There’s a smattering of some other stuff too–great hip hop, a few guilty-pleasure pop hits, and a smattering of metal. Enjoy some of the best music of 1994!


Regional playlist: Los Angeles

Fittingly for a world entertainment capitol, Los Angeles is way too big to pin down musically. There are identifiable traditions here and there–hardcore, beach music, West Coast rap–but the bright, sprawling metropolis contains multitudes. Whether it sounds like paradise, enjoy some music from La-La Land.

Playlist: Los Angeles

Best of 1998

aaaannnnd done!

Best Songs of 1998

That completes the goal I’ve been working towards for months: to have a streaming playlist of some of my favorite songs from every year since 1979.  A list of all the playlists I’ve created can be found here. Finally, here’s a song I couldn’t find streaming that I loved back then: Korn’s “Freak On a Leash.”